You’ve not been on the planet lately if you haven’t noticed ‘The Paper Bag’ or ‘Le Sac en Papier‘ popping up in all the coolest interiors shots.  This simple storage bag made from recycled craft paper has become a somewhat iconic product in its own right, with its ecologically friendly properties and stylish practicability.  It can be used as a wastepaper bin, storage bag or plant holder, its only real limitation being your imagination!

Having decided this was definitely something I needed in my life (I mean, who doesn’t need a designer brown paper bag?!), I picked one up whilst on holiday in France this year, though they are widely available in the UK, too.  I’ve been experimenting with its different uses, however a quick nose on the Internet has opened up this little fellow’s true style capabilities and I thought why not share these ideas with you lovely people.

So, to give you a mini project for the weekend ahead (because you will go off and buy one now, won’t you?!), here are five ways to style your ‘Le sac en papier’ once you get your hands on it…

Paper Bag styling feature


This is probably my favourite way to style ‘Le sac en papier’; with a tall, leafy, plant set inside it.  Just make sure the plant is in a suitable pot first to prevent post-watering soggy bag syndrome.  (Not such a good look)!  I think it’s a really cool, laid-back way to display house plants and in my opinion, the more crumpled the bag, the better.

Choose taller leafy plants such as the Banana Leaf (shown) or try a butterfly palm (above), ensuring that more than half of the plant’s height is above the bag line – it just looks better that way!

Pop it into an empty corner of a bedroom or living room for instant appeal.

paper bag plant


Staying with the foliage theme and what about popping a tall vase of flowers into your paper bag or using it as a stylish way of transporting cut flowers from the florist (or even your garden)?  Who says gardening couldn’t be cool if not done with the right accessories?!  The bonus with this cult product is that it’s functional as well as looking good…

paper bag flowers


‘Le sac en papier’ is of course a home office / crafting corner essential piece of kit – it’s the perfect size for holding your stash of rolled papers or reams of wrapping paper, if you’re a DIY/craft enthusiast.  No more crumpled and torn rolls of wrapping paper with this baby propped up by your desk.

paper bag storage office


Due to the strong, double-layer thickness of these bags, they are ideal for soft toy storage, too, as seen below.  They are way more easy on the eye than the primary-coloured plastic toy boxes many of us loathe to have in our homes and their lightweight nature means that they can be easily moved around by little hands – and remembering my point made earlier, the more crumpled they get, the better they look, so no worries with children playing with them on that front!

paper bag toys


Finally, how about using the smaller-sized ‘Le sac en papier’ for your latest crafting or knitting project to keep it within easy reach of the armchair for those quiet nights in front of the telly?  If anything, it looks good sitting by the sofa, even if, like me, you manage to knit about two rows a month!!!

paper bag knitting


Do you have ‘Le sac en papier’ (or perhaps several) serving purpose in your own house?  Or do you simply see this as an over-priced carrier bag?!  I’d love to know!

K xx


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