In a bid to blog a little more frequently for all you lovely readers, I’m going to intersperse longer content-heavy posts with some briefer, snapshot-style inspirational posts looking at key areas in the home that have particular design looks or decor tricks that have worked that you may wish to recreate.  Today I’ve gathered five inspiring interior shots where indoor plants just make it all work.  After all, we’re being blessed with some fine May weather at the moment and spending lots more time in our gardens, but why not bring a little lush greenery into the home, too, for those days when it all clouds over but we still need some sunshine inside our four walls.

I’ve also added some notes on how to recreate any of the looks for yourself… so, enjoy browsing!


This home office corner from one of my favourite design bloggers, Dear Designer, is a fab example of how greenery shouldn’t be limited to indoor plants.  Carole has included botanical prints set within clean black frames and popped a single green leaf into a quirky vase to add extra interest to this sideboard unit.  Green on white always works, doesn’t it?  So clean and fresh.

Find the unit here, plus there are lots of similar indoor plants to be picked up at here, and finally this botanical print is comparable.

plants in office

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Choose foliage of varying leaf size and shape and set them at different heights within the room to create an interesting effect, using anything from traditional pot stands to old storage chests to sit beneath them.  Also, greenery looks great set alongside tan leather if you want to create a relaxed, urban oasis.

You can find similar pot stands like this one here and for a retro style tan settee, check this one out.

plant on stand

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Plants in the kitchen can really lift the space, particularly if it’s all stark white tiles and walls.  This all-white kitchen has used a hanging planter to add a little green lushness to the sink area, at the same time freeing up precious counter space.  I also like how the green accents around the place, such as the kettle and storage jars, tie it all together.  Plants in an industrial style setting such as this take the edge off the overall look and almost soften things a touch.

Find a macrame plant holder here or check out this tutorial on how to make one for yourself.  This kettle is like the one below and these hanging bulb lights are similar.

plants hanging kitchen

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Plants work really effectively in a bedroom, as seen below in this stunning loft room, and they are great air cleansers, meaning you’ll get a better night’s sleep with a bit of greenery on the side.  Set a large planter on the floor in the corner of the room or hang a trailing variety on the bedside wall to raise your bedroom decor a notch.

Achieve a rustic, Scandi look like below with a vintage crate used as a bedside table or embrace the current growing trend for green with this duvet set.

plants bedroom

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Even if you aren’t the faintest bit green-fingered, you can still enjoy a splash of greenery in your home.  Also, I can promise you one thing; you pretty much can’t kill a cactus!  Display a collection of succulents and cacti on a set of shelves or within an alcove in pretty painted pots, tins and boxes.

These cement pots and these ones are lovely, however do check out the Smug online store, where this image is captured from, for some more colourful plant pots.  You can pick up cacti and mini succulents in florists, supermarkets and garden centres everywhere these days and they are usually inexpensive.

plants shelves succulents

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So there’s no excuse now to pick up a couple of houseplants next time you’re shopping for those outdoor patio plants, is there? :)

K xx

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