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Home Decor Trends 2016: The Mismatched Kitchen

It’s no surprise that the way we live in and use our homes not only has an impact on the design and layout of them, but it affects the decor trends that come and go over the years, too.  2016 is no exception to this rule, with several trends developing or emerging this year that are expected to make a big impact on interior design and decoration.

I plan to look at some of these trends in more detail over the next few weeks, but for this particular post,  I’m looking at the kitchen.  With social change and modern design making cooking and entertaining an altogether more relaxed affair, the once small and draughty kitchen at the back of the house has evolved into what it is today: an open plan, multi-functional space at the heart of the home.  It’s the focal point of our homes and where we all spend most of our time, so we want it to look and feel right for our needs.

Two major trends have been around for a while now in kitchen design: firstly, the hand-painted kitchen in cool shades of grey, green and off-white has become very popular due to its classic, yet modern look, but there is also evidence of a more industrial vibe in kitchen design, with rustic materials, pared back simplicity and a mélange of textures and finishes being key factors.  This is possibly why the latest idea of ‘mismatching’ your kitchen cabinets has become a fast growing trend – it allows us the freedom of a more informal, edgy look, but one that is built upon a base of good quality, solid cabinetry and materials.

Confused or perhaps not convinced?  Then take a look at these kitchens that exemplify the trend and prepare to be wowed…



Home Trends to Dip Into: Summer 2015

We might have been bombarded with four seasons in one day here lately (it’s seriously freezing out there), but this has simply made me more determined to bring a touch of summer sunshine into the home!  The high street homeware departments are now full of uplifting and zingy ideas to help you haul your home out of the dark, woolly depths of winter and into the summer sunshine.  However, do not fear!  A complete design overhaul of your interior will not be required; just a few thoughtful touches such as a new rug, colourful cushions, some pretty cups or glassware will reinvigorate your love for your home.

So, what are the key trends for Summer 2015 and how can we mould them into our existing décor?  (more…)