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A Unique Wooden Watch for Autumn Style

JORD women's watch autumn fall

I talked in my last post about how I love this time of year for the cosy touches we can bring into our home to prepare for relaxed evenings by the fire, snuggling down into soft cushions and enjoying taking life that little bit more slowly.  It is also, of course, a time to reintroduce cosy textures into our wardrobes, as we pack away our flimsy summer threads and begin to cocoon ourselves once more in wonderfully warm layers of big woollen scarves, oversized jumpers and long socks.

Love, love, love this time of year!

In fact, I had been clearing out my own wardrobe recently to begin the gradual transition to Autumnal climes, when I was offered the chance to try out a new style of unique watch from US brand JORD.  They produce both women’s and men’s wooden watches in a range of styles and finishes and upon checking out their website, I immediately felt they would be the ideal wrist accessory for the season ahead!  Even better, JORD include free international shipping with every watch purchase and I was delighted to receive my Fieldcrest women’s watch within 10 days of my order.



Things I’m Loving Lately: { July }

This post should really be entitled “Things I’ve Loved Lately: July”, since it’s well and truly August now!! However, with a holiday and house move taking up much of July, I have scarcely been able to find any blogging time at all and boy have I missed it!  The good thing is we’re now all settled into our temporary digs while we continue with the search for a new home, so I’m back and ready to share lots with you lovely people.

July was officially the coldest one in over twenty years here, but I was lucky enough to spend the first fortnight of it in sunnier climes and in an effort to brighten up these rather wet, murky days, I have pulled together some fresh and summery July loves for you. (more…)


Ready? Get Set! Decorate! How to kickstart a decor scheme

One of the questions I often hear from people wishing to redecorate in their home is “where do I start?”  Deciding to redo a room is one thing, but the actual process of doing it is quite another.  However, don’t fret, help is at hand!  There are a number of ways to approach redecorating, whether it is a complete room overhaul you’re embarking on or a straightforward refresh job.  Here I hope to impart some useful tips to get you started down the right track…

Consider your colour scheme

Choosing the base colour of your room scheme is the first step in deciding how to redecorate.  Most of us have a particular colour that strongly appeals to us, so opt for something you love as you are more likely to use varying tones of it throughout your home, thus creating a more harmonious, linked up overall feel.  Do consider the views out of the room into the hallway, landing or an adjoining room, as it creates a better ‘flow’ to the space if the colour palette is of a similar or complementary tone.  Moving from a duck egg painted living room into a deep mustard yellow hallway will only serve to make your home feel disjointed and incohesive.  The whole space needs to appear connected and flowing therefore it is important to think of the home in its entirety when decorating.  Perhaps the colour you opt for is based on an existing carpet or piece of furnishing that you cannot change and therefore must incorporate into the design.  Similarly, you may own a painting that is a real statement piece in a living room – pick one or two colours from it and use them to build up the interior decor scheme. (more…)


Front Door Styling

I wanted to write a post about styling your front door because it’s an area of the home that can often be overlooked in terms of maintenance and décor, yet it is so important because it really can transform the entire look of your home.   It’s also the first impression a visitor has upon arrival – when we approach a front door we’re already subconsciously forming some sort of opinion about the owner’s home and how it reflects their personality.

Spring is the perfect time to give the front of our home a quick refresh, but with today’s busy schedules, we don’t all have bags of time to spend doing it.  So how do we create that fabulous first impression of our home, and quickly?  Here are some easy and instant updates you can make over a weekend to show your front door a bit of love and bump up the kerb appeal while you’re at it.



Coffee Table Books

Upon visiting my local library recently, I discovered an enticing range of gorgeous new hardback books which had been placed on display as new titles available to borrow.  Their beautifully styled cover graphics, smooth matte feel and on-trend subject matters set them apart as definitive ‘coffee table books’ and of course I was soon marching out of the library with an armful piled high for my solitary perusal later that evening accompanied by a chilled glass of something nice.

Wikipedia defines a coffee table book as:  “an oversized, usually hard-covered book whose place is for display on a table intended for use in an area in which one would entertain guests and from which it can act to inspire conversation”

Couldn’t disagree with that.  Coffee table books should also reflect the home owner’s personality and interests – after all they are there to inspire and stimulate conversation and there needs to be a good solid interest in the subject to begin with, no?  In this age of online pin boards and instant snaps, it’s a refreshing treat to curl up with a good heavy book and pore over the beautifully photographed images, read the stories behind them and be inspired by what you see in your own time and with no other distractions. (more…)