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The best dark blue paint colours

Dark blue paints feature image

As a follow up to my last post on ways to use indigo blue in your home, I want to show you what I believe are the best dark blue paint colours on the market.  Dark blue is a popular colour choice at the moment, especially now that winter us upon us and we feel the need to turn the lights down low and hibernate.  It is such a cosy, cocooning, yet also elegant colour, whether it’s an entire room cloaked in its velvety hues or simply one wall.

With all the different ranges of paint on the market today, it can be difficult to find the right colour for your particular home, so here’s my pick of the best dark blue paints out there and how they can work throughout different lights and times of day.



Recreate the Scandi Boho look in your home

Scandi boho blog feature

It seems like a juxtaposition in terms, the words scandi and boho appearing in the same sentence, however it appears that the clean, defined lines of scandi design and the eclectic artfulness of boho marry beautifully.  Just type ‘scandi boho’ into Pinterest or Google Images and your eyes will immediately be met with a feast of stunning images of home interiors typifying this trend.  It’s no surprise this easy to live with look has become the defining interior mood for 2017 and I absolutely love it!

The Scandinavian and bohemian decor moods have a lot in common when you think about it … lots of trailing greenery, natural wood surfaces and an emphasis on texture (think sheepskin rugs) and pattern (boho ethnic or scandi geometric).  By combining these two styles, a minimalistic scandi-inspired interior can be warmed up with colour and texture, just as a busy, eclectic interior can be pared down and streamlined a little with white painted walls or monochrome touches.

If you believe you can never have too many houseplants or vintage rugs in your home, this could well be because you’re already channeling this look.  However, for the rest of you who simply aspire to it thanks to an Insta-feed of swoon worthy scandi-boho room shots, but don’t have the confidence to try it out yet, read on to find out how to work it successfully in your own home!



Take 5… ways to style Le Sac en Papier

Paper Bag styling feature

You’ve not been on the planet lately if you haven’t noticed ‘The Paper Bag’ or ‘Le Sac en Papier‘ popping up in all the coolest interiors shots.  This simple storage bag made from recycled craft paper has become a somewhat iconic product in its own right, with its ecologically friendly properties and stylish practicability.  It can be used as a wastepaper bin, storage bag or plant holder, its only real limitation being your imagination!

Having decided this was definitely something I needed in my life (I mean, who doesn’t need a designer brown paper bag?!), I picked one up whilst on holiday in France this year, though they are widely available in the UK, too.  I’ve been experimenting with its different uses, however a quick nose on the Internet has opened up this little fellow’s true style capabilities and I thought why not share these ideas with you lovely people.

So, to give you a mini project for the weekend ahead (because you will go off and buy one now, won’t you?!), here are five ways to style your ‘Le sac en papier’ once you get your hands on it…



Take 5… Beautiful All White Interiors

rustic vintage white bedroom

It seems that our interiors are getting darker and darker, with more of us taking the plunge and painting our home interiors in dark, inky hues of indigo and blue-grey, be it our living room walls, kitchen units or in the bedroom.  It’s a look that has certainly grown on me, however when recently thinking about our own bedroom  decor, I’ve realised that no matter how much I love the concept of a decadently dark and elegant boudoir, I simply can’t bring myself to paint our lovely, light, south-facing bedroom in anything other than WHITE!

It won’t be any old Brilliant White, you understand… I’m pondering and pontificating over paint charts full of grey whites, blue whites, green whites, off whites and almost whites.  In fact, I have come to the conclusion that this may actually be the hardest colour of all to pick for a room scheme!

Anyway, it got me thinking that I haven’t posted a ‘Take 5’ article on here for a while, so in an effort to help me settle on a shade of white, here are five all white rooms for you which are so lust-worthy, they’ll make you wonder why EL James didn’t name her book Fifty Shades of White Rooms…



Take 5… Boho Ethnic Rugs

traditional rug hallway

A quick round up ‘Take 5…’ post this week, as I’m currently researching rugs for our newly decorated hallway and thought I’d share a selection of looks on here that I’m loving at the minute.  We painted our hallway wood panelling in an off white and brought the original oak floor back to life with a sand and wax job, so now I feel the space needs a pop of pattern or subtle wash of colour to add warmth and interest.  I’ve recently been loving the whole ethnic / bohemian look when it comes to floor coverings and every time I open Pinterest it seems to be tempting me with a new take on the look.  The one slight issue is that authentic Persian rugs cost an absolute bomb, however I think you can recreate a similar look with some great alternative styles, each with their own relaxed, boho vibe that I find so appealing.

Here are a few favourites… (more…)


Hallway Makeover Reveal { Part 1 }

Hall makeover reveal feat img

It’s been a little quiet from me over the past fortnight, but there’s been a very valid excuse for my lack of presence!  We have been redecorating our hallway, stairs and landing, which was always going to be our big project for this year (last year’s was the kitchen/living makeover), and so things were turned a little upside down around here for a few days whilst the painter was in.  However, I am pleased to say I can finally share some pictures of the (almost) finished result with you – there is still carpet to be laid on the stairs at the end of the week but I couldn’t wait that long to show you around… I have never been known for my patience :)



Take 5… Ways to Style Sheepskin Throws All Year

sheepskin throw featured image

Another Take 5 post for you today, folks, and this week it’s all about the über-trendy sheepskin throw and how you can make it work hard in your home all year round.  Many people consider sheepskin to be a strictly winter-only luxury, however it is an extremely versatile piece of home decor kit and more affordable than ever with plenty of faux options to choose from out there.

Here are some of my favourite ways to work sheepskin in the home and some tips on where to buy those key items…



Hallway Inspiration

hallway darker grey

Hello, I hope you had a lovely, restful weekend.  I spent some time away with my mum and sister, but I’ve returned to my brood feeling really refreshed and ready to take on the major redecorating project in our home for this year – the hallway.

As you’ll probably be aware, our house was built in the 1930s and the previous owners thankfully retained many of the house’s original features, including picture rails, the front and back doors, leadlights and stained glass windows and the wood panelling on the hallway, stairs and landing walls.  Over the past year, I have deliberated over what to do in the hall and whether or not to repaint the panelling, especially now that there is a definite trend towards darker, more cocooning surfaces, however we have decided that repainting the wood in a lighter colour is the way forward for us.  It will completely transform the space into a lighter and brighter part of the house and modernise it without compromising on the traditional, elegant feel that the original wood panelling brings to our home.

We also need to recarpet the stairs and landing and source some nice new lighting and other accessories, so lots to think about.  Thankfully, when we lifted the carpet up in the hall, we discovered a gorgeous and pretty much unscathed original wooden floor hiding beneath, so a light sand and dark stain should see that right.  (Hopefully!)

I’ve been having a nosey around Pinterest for some hallway inspiration, so here are some favourite ideas I want to share with you.  All these hallways have wood panelling of some kind, so it’s interesting to see how the owners have approached it.



Win at Sleeping with Ikea: Making Changes to Improve our Sleep

Ikea our bedroom 1

If you’ve been following the blog lately, both here and over on my Instagram feed, you’ll know I’ve been working with IKEA  on their Win at Sleeping campaign.  With the aim of helping us solve our sleep issues and, in turn, our health and wellbeing, the campaign is centred around what small changes we can make at home to improve our nighttime routine, sleeping habits and general sleep preparation.

As I talked about in my first post in this series last week, we have worked with IKEA to identify our own family’s sleep problems and in order to try to solve them, we will be trying out some IKEA products over the coming weeks.  We were very excited to take delivery of the products at the beginning of this week and after lots of flat pack fun in the ensuing days, I can finally show you what we chose to try out in the hope of better sleep preparation and comfort ahead…