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Make your New House a Home in 5 Simple Steps

As you probably know, it’s a very exciting time for our family, as we prepare to move into our new home at the beginning of next month!  As we have been staying at my mum’s house for the past few months (yes, she deserves a medal!), we have decided to hold off on having our furnishings and belongings (currently in storage) being delivered until the Monday following completion day.  This will allow us 48 hours to give the house a deep clean, as we all know that no matter how clean the previous owner leaves a home, we want to put our own stamp on it from day one – and for me, that starts with cleaning the bathroom, kitchen cupboards, built-in appliances, windows…the list goes on!  Whether you decide to hire a specialist cleaning company for this task or tackle it yourself, one thing is certain: you will never have as good a chance again to give the house this thorough a once-over whilst there are no sofas to navigate or beds to budge.



House Moving Madness

I mentioned briefly in a previous post that we’ve been house hunting these past few months, but frustratingly, to no avail!  This is partly because we are searching for our ‘forever’ home (really no intentions of moving again…) and the house just needs to feel like it’s our place and one where we can’t imagine being anywhere else or finding anything better.  This alone piles the pressure on us in finding the right place, yet as time marches on, we find ourselves in the unsettling position of being on the verge of moving out of our current home and into… where?  Rental accommodation?  My mum’s spare room?  Our new tent?!  With three little ones and a cat in tow?!  Each option has its pitfalls, yet there are positives to be had too (ok maybe not with the tent thing)! and we will need to decide which is best for us whilst the search for this forever home continues.  A friend of mine who rented long term until recently, told me last week that for her family, renting somewhere not only allowed them the time to find their perfect home, but more importantly, took away the immediate stress associated with moving house and made life just that little bit easier.  Ok, so nobody wants to spend countless years churning out rent fees, but they honestly viewed it as an investment in their mental well being and better that than panic buying a new property which turns out to be the wrong house.  This is, I’m sure you’ll agree, an unhappy and unhealthy position to be in.

So times are becoming stressful but we must take each day at a time as the saying goes and not let worrying about what might never happen get in our way.  Happy positive thoughts all the way!  Treat it like one of life’s adventures!  Mmmm.  Not easy.  The blogging is a bit of an escape for me from the this house moving madness, somewhere to channel my thoughts in other ways.  Surely that’s healthy for the mind and makes me an easier person to be around during these uncertain times.  On the plus side, I am really excited about the prospect of a new project and being able to share our progress on making a new place our own over the coming months, even years… I am quite certain I will be spending countless hours devouring decor ideas on the likes of Pinterest and Houzz.com and I look forward to bringing these ideas together to create my own look.

At least now you’ll know what I’m preoccupied with if the blog goes quiet for a bit, but I won’t be far away and will keep writing new posts when I get the chance.

Are you planning a house move for the future? Or have you recently moved and have some top ‘survival’ tips to share?!

Back soon!

K x