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Maximising on the Light in your Home this Winter

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December through to February really are the deepest, darkest of winter months, and although December is made bearable by the warming glow of Christmas, January and February can be difficult months to get through, with their dark mornings and long, cold nights making it harder to feel our get up and go.

Light is soothing for our souls and whether we’re staying cosy inside with our twinkly lights all lit or out taking in the crisp, fresh air, we need it to make us feel better during the long winter weeks.  It’s also beneficial for our health, as the lack of sunlight means that almost 7% of the UK population reportedly suffer from SAD or Seasonal Affective Disorder during the winter months.  However, the one benefit of winter light is that it can be very bright and clear, so the trick is to maximise on that when preparing our homes for these darker months.

Thankfully, there are a few simple changes you can make in your home that will ensure you reap the benefits of the limited natural light at this time of year and ultimately improve your mood and your general happiness.  Here are 5 things to start you off.



Lighting your home this Autumn

Autumn will soon be well underway and as we prepare for yet darker evenings, it’s time to reconsider the lighting in our homes.  Nobody likes to come home from a long day at work or school to a cold, uninviting home, but thankfully we can easily warm up the ambience with some simple lighting updates at this time of year.

Here are a few pointers to ensure you get your lighting right and of course where to find some lighting gems too…



High St Homeware Edit AW15 – M&S

Like it or not, the Autumn/Winter season is almost upon us!  By September, homeware retailers will be full of the promise of cosy nights in by the fire curled up on your favourite armchair with the rain lashing against the windows.  I have to admit, I absolutely love the onset of Autumn and everything associated with it, the latest offerings of cosy homewares not excluded…

I recently picked up a copy of the M&S Home catalogue for Autumn ’15 and it appears that as with their forthcoming AW15 clothing ranges, they are spot on trendwise with their homeware collections, too.  Plenty of Danish influence which is pretty hot on the homeware scene (and set to stick around) and also lots of rich colour combinations (such as berry and teal), Boho luxe and Art Deco style. (more…)


Things I’m Loving Lately: { July }

This post should really be entitled “Things I’ve Loved Lately: July”, since it’s well and truly August now!! However, with a holiday and house move taking up much of July, I have scarcely been able to find any blogging time at all and boy have I missed it!  The good thing is we’re now all settled into our temporary digs while we continue with the search for a new home, so I’m back and ready to share lots with you lovely people.

July was officially the coldest one in over twenty years here, but I was lucky enough to spend the first fortnight of it in sunnier climes and in an effort to brighten up these rather wet, murky days, I have pulled together some fresh and summery July loves for you. (more…)


Spend vs. Save: Shop the Blue Trend

The biggest colour trend for 2015 has without a doubt been blue.  Every shade, from cobalt through to cornflower, from indigo to azure, has adorned the catwalk and interior showroom alike.  It really is the ideal colour to bring your home into summer with its connotations of clear Mediterranean skies and glistening turquoise waters.  The high street stores are crammed full of an almost overwhelming choice of blue beauties for your home, but with a little background knowhow you can become wise to the best buys out there.  One of the oldest and cleverest little tricks high street retailers have is to offer designer looks at competitive prices, so here’s a round up of some blue homewares you can find whether you’re on a spending splurge or an unbudging budget.



Wholesome Homewares

As a family, we are very privileged to live in a city that proudly boasts one of the top farmer’s markets in the UK & Ireland, St George’s Market.  We have loved bringing the kids there most weekends since they were very little and it’s been fantastic to watch “our wee market” and its weekly traders thrive over the years.  In recent years people have become much more aware of the importance of organic ‘clean’ eating and I suppose buying from a local market allows us a degree of control in knowing where the produce has come from and how it has been produced.  It follows that farmer’s markets have now become almost fashionable to be seen shopping in and therefore it’s not entirely surprising that there is a certain trend for all things natural, organic and recycled which has emerged in the home decor department (you knew there’d be a link to home interiors here somewhere…!)

It has inspired me to source some wholesome homewares for your perusal… so take a peek! (more…)


Front Door Styling

I wanted to write a post about styling your front door because it’s an area of the home that can often be overlooked in terms of maintenance and décor, yet it is so important because it really can transform the entire look of your home.   It’s also the first impression a visitor has upon arrival – when we approach a front door we’re already subconsciously forming some sort of opinion about the owner’s home and how it reflects their personality.

Spring is the perfect time to give the front of our home a quick refresh, but with today’s busy schedules, we don’t all have bags of time to spend doing it.  So how do we create that fabulous first impression of our home, and quickly?  Here are some easy and instant updates you can make over a weekend to show your front door a bit of love and bump up the kerb appeal while you’re at it.



Home Trends to Dip Into: Summer 2015

We might have been bombarded with four seasons in one day here lately (it’s seriously freezing out there), but this has simply made me more determined to bring a touch of summer sunshine into the home!  The high street homeware departments are now full of uplifting and zingy ideas to help you haul your home out of the dark, woolly depths of winter and into the summer sunshine.  However, do not fear!  A complete design overhaul of your interior will not be required; just a few thoughtful touches such as a new rug, colourful cushions, some pretty cups or glassware will reinvigorate your love for your home.

So, what are the key trends for Summer 2015 and how can we mould them into our existing décor?  (more…)


Coffee Table Books

Upon visiting my local library recently, I discovered an enticing range of gorgeous new hardback books which had been placed on display as new titles available to borrow.  Their beautifully styled cover graphics, smooth matte feel and on-trend subject matters set them apart as definitive ‘coffee table books’ and of course I was soon marching out of the library with an armful piled high for my solitary perusal later that evening accompanied by a chilled glass of something nice.

Wikipedia defines a coffee table book as:  “an oversized, usually hard-covered book whose place is for display on a table intended for use in an area in which one would entertain guests and from which it can act to inspire conversation”

Couldn’t disagree with that.  Coffee table books should also reflect the home owner’s personality and interests – after all they are there to inspire and stimulate conversation and there needs to be a good solid interest in the subject to begin with, no?  In this age of online pin boards and instant snaps, it’s a refreshing treat to curl up with a good heavy book and pore over the beautifully photographed images, read the stories behind them and be inspired by what you see in your own time and with no other distractions. (more…)


Easy Home Updates

Ten years ago (and before the arrival of children), we bought a decent sized three bed semi into which the two of us and our joint belongings fitted just nicely. Jump forward to today and three children later and it has become a much ‘cosier’ fit, in fact you could say we’re overspilling!

Not entirely surprising then that we recently took the big decision to put our beloved home on the market with a view to moving our little family somewhere more spacious and better suited to our growing needs.  So, as well as being engulfed in the process of constantly tidying and prepping the house for prospective buyers, I’ve been busy viewing potential properties to buy.  Well… it’s certainly been an eye opener for me as to how many perfectly good houses out there are in dire need of a little time and love to bring them bang up to date.  A lick of paint here and a declutter there would not go amiss yet many people simply do not realise that giving your home a simple refresh will not only in all probability increase their home’s overall market value, but more importantly, will make it a much better place to live.

Anyway… looking at houses and preparing my own home for sale has made me think a lot about how we can easily and effectively update our own homes within a budget.  Making those little changes that renew our love for a space we spend so much of our lives in. (more…)