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Mothers Day Gift Edit

Mothers Day gift guide

With Mothers Day just over a week away, I figured a little gift guide might come in handy for some of you.  It can be daunting trying to think up an original gift idea for that very special lady in our lives; something that is both personal to your mum and properly shows how much you appreciate everything she does for you.  Often it’s a case of picking up a scented candle, some flowers or expensive chocs at the last minute, and very nice though these treats are, I thought it would be fun to look at a few alternative gift ideas, each costing no more than a fiver.

I was therefore delighted when the kind folk over at TK Maxx sent me a gift card recently to spend in-store on Mothers Day gift ideas.  I have made no secret before of just how much of a TK Maxx fan I am and after a very enjoyable wander around the store, I chose a handful of goodies which I think make quite unique gifts, so if you’re struggling on the present front, have a read for some last minute inspiration…



Christmas Table Favours

A few years ago I decided to personalise things a little more at the Christmas table, and rather than setting out the usual crackers and place cards, I chose and individually wrapped little gifts for each guest, setting one at each person’s place at the table.  It was a very well received gesture and each guest was thrilled with their little package, especially since I had chosen them with the receiver’s interests and tastes in mind.  I was also delighted, because at £1-2 spend per person, they had cost less than the price of a cracker each!

With only a week to go until this year’s Christmas celebration, I thought I would share a few table favour ideas with you so that you can surprise and delight your own guests!  (I had planned to write this post much earlier in the month, however with children’s sick bugs and general busy schedules in the run-up to Christmas, I am only now getting around to sharing this with you – apologies!)


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The trick is to always choose table gifts that are either edible, practical or useful, so with that firmly in mind, here are some little ideas to get you started… and all for less than the price of a cup of coffee!