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Day Bed Dreaming

In preparation for moving into our new home next month, I am on the quest for a new bed for my eldest daughter, H, aged 9.  Unlike our last house, our children can now look forward to each having their own bedroom, which is new for us (and very lucky for them as I keep banging on at them!), however it does mean that we are one bed short at this particular point in time.  My son, aged 7, will take the bunk beds and my youngest daughter, aged 4, is happy to stay in her toddler bed for another six months, thereby putting off that next added expense until then at least… but for now the focus is on H’s sleeping arrangements, which brings me to this post about day beds…



How to create a cosy bedroom sanctuary

With the colder season already creeping in, there is nothing more welcome at the end of a long day trudging to and from school and work than crawling into a well made bed, wrapping yourself up under layer upon layer of snuggly, dreamy softness.  The only thing is, there’s more to achieving that wonderfully luxurious and cosy bedroom than simply throwing an extra blanket over the bed, so here are some tips on how to create your perfect winter bedroom sanctuary…  (more…)