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Affordable Wall Art for your Home

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Hello, I’m back!!

Where has November gone?!  You may have noticed I have fallen behind with regularly updating the blog lately, however I haven’t been too far away, working on some writing and product styling jobs as well as working on the house, of course! (Does it ever end?! .. No, thought as much!)

If you follow my Instagram feed, you’ll know that I have been finishing off the kitchen/living area that we have been redecorating as a main priority since moving house back in the Spring, with new curtains now finally in place at our patio doors!  I am just awaiting some dark blue roller blinds to be delivered for the other kitchen windows, which (fingers crossed!) should be here before Christmas… then I will do a second blog reveal for all you lovely people of how things are looking.

The other thing I have been considering recently has been wall art … not just in the kitchen, but around the living space downstairs, too.  We really could do with injecting a little more interest and, dare I say it, personality, in the form of wall art and even some framed photos that we all seem to plan to do but never actually make a priority.  That was why I was delighted to be given the opportunity by the lovely folk over at Posterlounge to review a selection of their art posters in my own home environment.



Picture This: Create a Gallery Wall Display

I love a good picture display.  Whether it’s a jumble of beloved family snaps or an impressive art collection, a display of interesting photographs, sketches, paintings or even postcards adds a large dose of personality to your home, and if done right, injects a certain element of cool.

For many of us, the prospect of designing and displaying a picture or photo gallery is daunting to say the least.  Where to buy the frames?  What to put inside them?  How to arrange all said frames so they look, erm… right?  Well, I’m pleased to inform you that this can be a really straight forward and fun project that can deliver a BIG impact at a small cost.