Eagerly awaited by Scandi  interiors enthusiasts across the country (yours truly included), this month IKEA has launched an exciting collaboration with Danish design duo, HAY.

The YPPERLIG collection boasts a variety of products hallmarked with the HAY signature design combining functionality with aesthetics.  In store, you’ll find everything from sofas to coffee tables, even the iconic IKEA blue bag has been given a HAY makeover!

The YPPERLIG collection also includes cushion covers, coffee tables, chairs, hand painted vases, lamps and simple, multifunctional sofas, but which to put in your trolley next time you visit?  Here are my favourite pieces which are definitely on my shopping list…

IKEA YPPERLIG collection


Ok, where to start?!

First off, a look at the furniture pieces HAY have designed with the concept of modern day living at their core.  Their design is simple and functional, yet encompass all that Danish gorgeousness.

This three seat sofa bed is a case in point.  Its clean lines could sit well within any home and it doesn’t have the usual clumpy look of a traditional sofa bed.  It even features a pocket sprung mattress for added comfort. This would be a fab addition to a spare room that’s on the small side or in a living room or indeed teen bedroom where guests can bed down for the night.

Actually, it’s just lovely as a sofa, so the bed part is basically an added bonus!  (All cushions and throws shown in the picture below are also part of the YPPERLIG collection.)

IKEA YPPERLIG living room


I do love the YPPERLIG coffee tables.  Their solid birch legs and dark grey tray-shaped tops are so aesthetically pleasing and they’re a handy size and weight to move about the place – wherever you’re perched with a coffee in hand, to be precise!  I will be buying one of these for the house – at £35 a pop I think it’d be hard not to.

Here is one up close.  Yep – love it.



Staying on a similar theme with this nest of three tables made from beechwood.  Again, easy to move around as they are hung inside each other, rather than stacked, if that makes sense.  Really love the design of these – you could use the little table from the trio for popping a potted plant onto or place one of these beside the bath for those long soaks – you need somewhere to place your glass of wine, do you not?  Lots of uses and they’re a modern alternative to the traditional nest of tables your grandmother would have used.  These are priced at £55 for the set.



This shelving unit has a really cool Scandi look to it and would serve well in any number of spots about the house, from holding books and files in a study to crockery and ceramics in a kitchen/dining space.  It also comes in a tall version, both priced at £85.

Its HAY-influenced look combines well with its IKEA practicality – you could say a match made in hay-ven? (sorry).



I’m having a thing with benches at the moment – at the end of a double bed, in a hallway, alongside a big kitchen table so you can fit more friends around it – they have so many uses and are generally affordable, too.  The YPPERLIG bench is no exception with its solid beech finish and slightly inwardly angled top planks, meaning for a comfortable, as well as stylish, perching place.  This teams well with the YPPERLIG dining table.



Now onto some smaller pieces that definitely won’t break the bank, starting with this ingenious wall shelf – how clever is this design?  Its slim shape features elastic straps which hold all your bits and pieces in against the wall.  As shown here, it can be used to display items as artfully as you like – a kind of wall vignette which you could update seasonally, if you wished.  A perfect space saving solution in a narrow hall, kitchen or home office, or perhaps above a high loft-style bed as a bedside ‘table’ for storing books, trinkets etc.

I just need to conjure up a space in my home for this – above my desk would be ideal – and even better, it’s a mere £12!

IKEA Ypperlig wall shelf unit


As mentioned earlier, the iconic blue carrier bag has even been given the HAY treatment, with Mette Hay giving it a new look without changing the size or material.  As one of the most recognised IKEA products in the world, HAY wanted to redesign the look of the blue bag whilst still honouring the original design.  And at just £1.50 apiece, it’s an economical way to add style kudos to your shopping trips or storage requirements at home.  It comes in six different colours and weaving patterns, so there’s one for everyone and you’ll want this stylish storage bag on display in the house at all times.



Finally, I love this little handpainted ceramic vase from the YPPERLIG collection, which adds a subtle pop of colour (it comes in blue/green or brown/yellow) to your home.  Nice for all those autumnal foraged branches or a fresh posy of flowers on the kitchen table.




So, what are your favourite IKEA YPPERLIG pieces or have you purchased any lately?  Would love to know!

K xx

*All pictures courtesy of IKEA*


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