It seems like a juxtaposition in terms, the words scandi and boho appearing in the same sentence, however it appears that the clean, defined lines of scandi design and the eclectic artfulness of boho marry beautifully.  Just type ‘scandi boho’ into Pinterest or Google Images and your eyes will immediately be met with a feast of stunning images of home interiors typifying this trend.  It’s no surprise this easy to live with look has become the defining interior mood for 2017 and I absolutely love it!

The Scandinavian and bohemian decor moods have a lot in common when you think about it … lots of trailing greenery, natural wood surfaces and an emphasis on texture (think sheepskin rugs) and pattern (boho ethnic or scandi geometric).  By combining these two styles, a minimalistic scandi-inspired interior can be warmed up with colour and texture, just as a busy, eclectic interior can be pared down and streamlined a little with white painted walls or monochrome touches.

If you believe you can never have too many houseplants or vintage rugs in your home, this could well be because you’re already channeling this look.  However, for the rest of you who simply aspire to it thanks to an Insta-feed of swoon worthy scandi-boho room shots, but don’t have the confidence to try it out yet, read on to find out how to work it successfully in your own home!

Scandi boho blog feature


Keep the backdrop simple

The white walls of scandi interiors lend themselves so well to setting off interesting pieces of vintage furniture, striking artwork or collections of antiques, so the first trick is to ensure your backdrop is simple, with neutral walls painted in subtle, muted tones such as soft grey, off white or palest cream.  This rule of simplicity carries through to flooring too, so pale wood floors, perhaps lime-washed parquet laid in an interesting herringbone pattern or light coloured ceramic tiles will allow beautiful Moroccan rugs or runners to stand out.

Similarly, all-white kitchens act as the perfect backdrop to boho-inspired accessories, whether it’s a modern gloss or traditional hand-painted design.

scandi boho kitchen

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Incorporate plenty of texture

Texture is really important when nailing the scandi boho look, however it needn’t be solely in the form of fabric textures.  Introduce natural wood pieces made from woven bamboo or rattan, choose a rustic wooden coffee table for your living area or use reclaimed wooden planks for kitchen and alcove shelving.  Their rustic vibe will warm up a cool scandi interior, but will remain in keeping with the all-natural theme.

Through your soft furnishings and other accessories, bring in sheepskin, colourful Moroccan rugs, leather pouffes, linens, wool blankets and woven wall hangings – in fact, anything that adds textural interest!  Choose a general theme and try to stick to it to avoid an eclectic, cluttered look.  So, for instance, keep to a more neutral, monochrome look throughout your accessories or build up your scheme based on bolder colours and ethnic patterns, but set against a neutral backdrop.  The aim with scandi bohemian is that the overall mood remains curated and considered, but at the same time, that little bit ‘undone’.

This room is a good example of scandi boho style, where the scandi element is visible across the neutral colour palette and striped rug, however some boho vibes have been brought in to add texture and relax the look, in particular the crochet blanket, patterned cushions and the Moroccan lantern in the corner.  Notice how there is a connected theme throughout the accessories.

scandi boho bedroom

{ source via Pinterest }


This lounge has been given a scandi boho makeover with a desert-related theme and some midcentury touches.  Love the roughened wood coffee table and warm splashes of deep red and burnt umber.   Be sure to check out the entire makeover of this house by US based Amber Interior Design here.

scandi boho lounge midcentury

{ source }


Source vintage, upcycled and unique pieces

Not everything in a scandi boho room is sourced from the high street retailers.  The secret to success here is to carefully mix in the old with the new, so an IKEA bookcase is fine, as long as it’s styled with stacks of old books, antique finds or a set of beautiful ceramics picked up on holiday.  All the little details matter here and they should tell a story about you.  The personal, unique pieces that have caught your eye and been collected over the years are the ones that should be on display.

This vintage upcycled bookcase is a perfect example of how a carefully curated display works.  It is full of trinkets, yet doesn’t look disorganised and cluttered.  The simple lines of the floor lamp and monochrome rug add the scandi details.

scandi boho styling bookcase

{ source }


A small living room here has been given a scandi makeover on the Rock My Style blog; I love the textured cushions and plants in baskets, also the carefully styled wall shelves just complete the mood perfectly.

scandi boho living room

{ source }


Add greenery

Finally, greenery is a must in a scandi boho scheme, be it in a bathroom, living room, bedroom or kitchen.   Group mini succulents together on a coffee table vignette, hang a leafy fern from a bathroom shelf or set a large palm or glossy-leafed swiss cheese plant on the floor in the corner of the room.  Larger plants set into belly baskets or smaller varieties set atop metal plant stands can help to define boundaries between areas in an open plan space or fill up an awkward empty corner.  Use vintage tea tins and wooden boxes to display your foliage and to warm up a predominantly minimalistic space.

I like this informal way of including greenery in a bedroom… with the light suspended above, it creates a beautiful display.

scandi boho plant on chair

{ source }


The pops of greenery below really help to lift this space and create areas of visual interest.  Love the bamboo  plant stand.

scandi living room plants

{ source via Pinterest }


If you’re loving this look and want to recreate it in your own home, here are some top accessories to pick up on the high street and beyond.  Remember to keep an eye out for vintage, rustic or unique finds in your local charity shop or reclamation yard, too…

scandi boho shopping get look

1  Moss knit blanket in grey // H&M // £39.99

2  Textured weave cushion cover // H&M // £19.99

3  Macrame wall tapestry // Etsy // £19.76

4  Danish Designs Wishbone Chair // Cult Furniture // £139

5  Scandi Printable Skull Image // Etsy // £5.64

6  Monstera/Swiss Cheese Plant // IKEA // £15

7  Wool blend rug // H&M // £119.99

8  Moroccan stitched pouffe // Dunelm // £25

9  Engraved wooden stool // Zara Home // £49.99

10  Sheepskin rug // John Lewis // £35

11  Rattan Ova Lantern // House Doctor DK at Design Vintage // £35-45


Have a good week!

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  1. What an interesting look. It definitely feels warmer and more casual than Scandi. I need to add more greenery as you say, and remember to water the plants!

  2. I’d not heard of Scandi Boho as a look before reading this but I love it. Definitely a more relaxed vibe. Great choices in products too.

    • I came across the term in a magazine a while ago showing the home of Kay Prestney of Kinship Creative- check her Instagram out. Her home is very Scandi boho x

  3. This is a look I really love when I see it in other people’s images but I’m so certain that in my home it would just look cluttered. I’m not very good at the whole casual scattering of items thing hehe. Thank you for linking up to #HomeEtc X

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