Bookshelf Styling

Even when the weather is taking a turn for the better in the early summer months, in this corner of the world there’s still the certainty of the odd rainy afternoon or chilly evening when you are best staying out of the garden and tackling an indoor job instead.  So here’s the perfect task for you: restyle a bookshelf.  It’s creative, it gives your room’s overall look a wee refresh and you can declutter old books and magazines along the way.  Practical and fun too – what’s not to love?!  And it’s not only the simple restyle of a bookshelf that you can put your mind to; there are many spaces in the home that can be easily converted into a little book nook or library corner, too.  That awkward area under the stairs, at the end of a landing, on the side of a chimney breast or under a bay window seat all make for perfect book storage spots.

I’ve collated some interesting and ingenuous bookshelf ideas to inspire you further.  So without further ado… (more…)


House Moving Madness

I mentioned briefly in a previous post that we’ve been house hunting these past few months, but frustratingly, to no avail!  This is partly because we are searching for our ‘forever’ home (really no intentions of moving again…) and the house just needs to feel like it’s our place and one where we can’t imagine being anywhere else or finding anything better.  This alone piles the pressure on us in finding the right place, yet as time marches on, we find ourselves in the unsettling position of being on the verge of moving out of our current home and into… where?  Rental accommodation?  My mum’s spare room?  Our new tent?!  With three little ones and a cat in tow?!  Each option has its pitfalls, yet there are positives to be had too (ok maybe not with the tent thing)! and we will need to decide which is best for us whilst the search for this forever home continues.  A friend of mine who rented long term until recently, told me last week that for her family, renting somewhere not only allowed them the time to find their perfect home, but more importantly, took away the immediate stress associated with moving house and made life just that little bit easier.  Ok, so nobody wants to spend countless years churning out rent fees, but they honestly viewed it as an investment in their mental well being and better that than panic buying a new property which turns out to be the wrong house.  This is, I’m sure you’ll agree, an unhappy and unhealthy position to be in.

So times are becoming stressful but we must take each day at a time as the saying goes and not let worrying about what might never happen get in our way.  Happy positive thoughts all the way!  Treat it like one of life’s adventures!  Mmmm.  Not easy.  The blogging is a bit of an escape for me from the this house moving madness, somewhere to channel my thoughts in other ways.  Surely that’s healthy for the mind and makes me an easier person to be around during these uncertain times.  On the plus side, I am really excited about the prospect of a new project and being able to share our progress on making a new place our own over the coming months, even years… I am quite certain I will be spending countless hours devouring decor ideas on the likes of Pinterest and and I look forward to bringing these ideas together to create my own look.

At least now you’ll know what I’m preoccupied with if the blog goes quiet for a bit, but I won’t be far away and will keep writing new posts when I get the chance.

Are you planning a house move for the future? Or have you recently moved and have some top ‘survival’ tips to share?!

Back soon!

K x


Ready? Get Set! Decorate! How to kickstart a decor scheme

One of the questions I often hear from people wishing to redecorate in their home is “where do I start?”  Deciding to redo a room is one thing, but the actual process of doing it is quite another.  However, don’t fret, help is at hand!  There are a number of ways to approach redecorating, whether it is a complete room overhaul you’re embarking on or a straightforward refresh job.  Here I hope to impart some useful tips to get you started down the right track…

Consider your colour scheme

Choosing the base colour of your room scheme is the first step in deciding how to redecorate.  Most of us have a particular colour that strongly appeals to us, so opt for something you love as you are more likely to use varying tones of it throughout your home, thus creating a more harmonious, linked up overall feel.  Do consider the views out of the room into the hallway, landing or an adjoining room, as it creates a better ‘flow’ to the space if the colour palette is of a similar or complementary tone.  Moving from a duck egg painted living room into a deep mustard yellow hallway will only serve to make your home feel disjointed and incohesive.  The whole space needs to appear connected and flowing therefore it is important to think of the home in its entirety when decorating.  Perhaps the colour you opt for is based on an existing carpet or piece of furnishing that you cannot change and therefore must incorporate into the design.  Similarly, you may own a painting that is a real statement piece in a living room – pick one or two colours from it and use them to build up the interior decor scheme. (more…)


Picture This: Create a Gallery Wall Display

I love a good picture display.  Whether it’s a jumble of beloved family snaps or an impressive art collection, a display of interesting photographs, sketches, paintings or even postcards adds a large dose of personality to your home, and if done right, injects a certain element of cool.

For many of us, the prospect of designing and displaying a picture or photo gallery is daunting to say the least.  Where to buy the frames?  What to put inside them?  How to arrange all said frames so they look, erm… right?  Well, I’m pleased to inform you that this can be a really straight forward and fun project that can deliver a BIG impact at a small cost.



Backyard Summer Styling Inspiration

Summer is literally right around the corner (although here in Ireland you’d hardly know it), but nevertheless I thought a post about how to sort out your outdoor space would come in handy for all that summer entertaining we all plan to do when the weather heats up a little.

For those of us who live in towns and cities, outdoor space comes at a premium and often we can struggle trying to make the most of what space we have.  However, whether it’s a square of decking, a few slabs of patio or a patch of grass that you have, these styling ideas will be sure to inspire you to make that space a wonderfully inviting and functional area. (more…)


Spend vs. Save: Shop the Blue Trend

The biggest colour trend for 2015 has without a doubt been blue.  Every shade, from cobalt through to cornflower, from indigo to azure, has adorned the catwalk and interior showroom alike.  It really is the ideal colour to bring your home into summer with its connotations of clear Mediterranean skies and glistening turquoise waters.  The high street stores are crammed full of an almost overwhelming choice of blue beauties for your home, but with a little background knowhow you can become wise to the best buys out there.  One of the oldest and cleverest little tricks high street retailers have is to offer designer looks at competitive prices, so here’s a round up of some blue homewares you can find whether you’re on a spending splurge or an unbudging budget.



Recipe: Almond & Chocolate Oat Granola

I love baking, especially over the weekend when life is a little slower paced and blissfully free from the rigidity of routine.  Being a self-confessed foodie and coming from a family of foodies, the weekend’s meal plan has always been of great importance to me!  I like to make something a little different from the norm for breakfast or I’ll cook with my other half on a Saturday evening.  It’s a good time for us to chat about the week ahead and enjoy a glass of wine while we’re at it.

From time to time I may share a recipe or two on the blog, but I will also take the opportunity to display my baked wares in some of my favourite tableware and any new pieces I pick up along the way. Where possible, the source of any items used for food styling will be noted. (more…)


Wholesome Homewares

As a family, we are very privileged to live in a city that proudly boasts one of the top farmer’s markets in the UK & Ireland, St George’s Market.  We have loved bringing the kids there most weekends since they were very little and it’s been fantastic to watch “our wee market” and its weekly traders thrive over the years.  In recent years people have become much more aware of the importance of organic ‘clean’ eating and I suppose buying from a local market allows us a degree of control in knowing where the produce has come from and how it has been produced.  It follows that farmer’s markets have now become almost fashionable to be seen shopping in and therefore it’s not entirely surprising that there is a certain trend for all things natural, organic and recycled which has emerged in the home decor department (you knew there’d be a link to home interiors here somewhere…!)

It has inspired me to source some wholesome homewares for your perusal… so take a peek! (more…)


Front Door Styling

I wanted to write a post about styling your front door because it’s an area of the home that can often be overlooked in terms of maintenance and décor, yet it is so important because it really can transform the entire look of your home.   It’s also the first impression a visitor has upon arrival – when we approach a front door we’re already subconsciously forming some sort of opinion about the owner’s home and how it reflects their personality.

Spring is the perfect time to give the front of our home a quick refresh, but with today’s busy schedules, we don’t all have bags of time to spend doing it.  So how do we create that fabulous first impression of our home, and quickly?  Here are some easy and instant updates you can make over a weekend to show your front door a bit of love and bump up the kerb appeal while you’re at it.



The New Metallic – Copper

I really am in love with the current trend for all things copper.  From blush to rose gold, this pretty pink-tinted metal just about goes with anything and everything and it adds a luscious warmth to your interior scheme in a way that just isn’t possible with other cooler, ‘black’ metallics such as steel and iron.  Don’t get me wrong, these big metals are equally fabulous and will stand the test of time in more ways than one, but for the moment I am lusting after those warm coppery hues.

A copper accessory, when paired with other softer decor pieces, will add a certain edginess to the overall look, such as a shiny copper pendant lamp sitting alongside a pale pastel blue sofa.  Equally, it has the ability to soften the harsh lines and dark tones of a heavily industrial interior.  Adding copper accents to an otherwise neutral interior will warm things up, though that said, it happily lends its rosy gleam to a surprising number of other colour schemes, including teal, black, monochrome, muted pastels and the classic all white. (more…)