With our recent hallway makeover painting and decorating completed, I’ve been turning my attention to all the extras that need to be decided on – lighting, rug, hall accessories, that type of thing, so I thought well, why not pull together a little wish list of products I have my eye on?  Like most of us, budget is key, so in many ways this is a longterm wish list, however I’ve no doubt it’ll be nothing short of great fun scouring online stores, the humble high street and, of course, secondhand treasure troves for the ideal accessories to complete the look of what is an often overlooked, but centrally very important, room of the home.

I’ve been shopping from inside my home a little bit too; a habit I believe we should all get into, because after all, why shouldn’t an ornament, lamp or favourite chair not be moved around once in a while?  It instantly refreshes a room or corner, allows you to be creative in finding new uses for a piece of furniture and (most importantly) it costs zilch.

Actually, I want to write a blog post solely dedicated to the art of shopping from within your own home, as it’s become trendy to stick to a capsule wardrobe and wear your old clothing in new ways, so why not transfer this line of thought to our home interiors, too?  Keep an eye out for that one…

Anyway, back to the job in hand!

Hallway wish list feat image


Firstly, let me show you a little decor/DIY trick I picked up from Pinterest recently.  I had been pondering buying a radiator cover for the old, stained radiator in the hall, however none of the readymade styles out there were to my liking, either style or size-wise.  I decided to give the offending lump of metal a lick of paint in the same colour as the wood paneling, in the hope of it blending and miraculously disappearing into the wall behind.  To my surprise and joy, this simple task did the trick and one coat of primer and two coats of paint later, I was happy.  However, there was still something lacking about the whole thing, the answer to which I realised was the addition of a simple ledge or shallow shelf to set a few bits and bobs on.  A bit like a mini hall console, really.  Again, I just couldn’t find the right product for the job and was on the cusp of heading to my local DIY centre for a plank of wood, when I hit upon this BRILLIANT idea on Pinterest!!

The best thing about it was I had an unused IKEA picture ledge propped up in the corner of our utility room collecting dust and lo and behold, it was the perfect length for above my troublesome radiator!!

So, I got to work immediately and fitted it to the wall… I’m so pleased with how it’s worked out and it cost me nothing!  It had to be hung at a certain height to cover dents in the wood paneling where a previous shelf had been, but I think it’s at a good height in terms of not being too close to the source of heat when the radiators are on in the winter.

hall radiator after


It’s also amazing how much a lick of paint has brightened the radiator up and taken attention away from it.

Hall radiator shelf


Onto the rest of the hall decor now and here are some final additions I have on the wish list, a few of which I may have picked up already… details for where to shop further below!

Hall Wish List collage

W H E R E . T O . S H O P :

1  STOCKHOLM mirror in walnut veneer // IKEA // £60

2  Madison glass pendant light shade // John Lewis // £45

3  Midcentury Coat Rack // West Elm // £249

4  Ogilvy Swing Arm Wall Lamp, black + antique brass // made.com // £59

5  Large Poppy Field rug // French Connection Home // £155

6  Butterfly Palm Houseplant // Homebase // £19.99

7  SKOGSTA Bench // IKEA // £25

8  Mi Casa Print // Etsy // £5


So that’s where we are with the hall project – it’s a case of tweaking it here and there as and when budget allows, but for the next few weeks at least I’ll be taking a short break from the blog to enjoy some family time, so I’ll see you again at the end of July, hopefully refreshed and raring to go!

In the meantime, keep up to date with what I’m up to over on my Instagram feed or via Twitter and Facebook, too.

K xx

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  1. Oh that rug is gorgeous. What you’ve done with the radiator is great. You’ve go a little bit of storage plus a radiator that looks like new. I’m eyeing up mine here now as I write!
    Enjoy your break. #homeetc

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