Hello, hello!  Ahhh, it’s so good to be back on here after my July break – we spent almost three weeks camping in France, some of which I tried to share via my Insta feed, however those of you who have had a similar kinda holiday will know how difficult wifi can be to search out!!  Maybe that’s a good thing in disguise?  It is however nice to be home again, back in our little bubble that’s home.

One thing we decided whilst we were away was that we needed to start thinking about our plans for our bedroom.  It’s practically the only room in the house that we haven’t touched, however the bare floorboards (I took it upon myself to pull up the tatty old carpet some months ago – don’t even ask), jumbled together furnishings and partly wallpapered walls simply need to be tackled head-on!  It’s reached the stage of no turning back, folks…

Which brings me to writing this post.  I have a few ideas scrambling around in my brain about the kind of bedroom I want and three keywords keep popping back up: tranquil, light, scandi.  So I figure this is where it’s at!  Every successful interior scheme begins with a simple moodboard, often created and grown from something as simple as a few key words or singular item in a room, and I always find them a fascinating insight into the direction an interior project is headed, so I want to share mine with you, along with some interior inspiration gathered up from Pinterest and, of course, a look at a handful of always-so-covetable shopping items from my ever-expanding wish list (it WILL become a short-list, eventually, I promise!).  Why not follow the planning process with me and hopefully I’ll be paintbrush firmly in hand come September!

bedroom moodboard scandi

Before I show you the moodboard, here are some inspiring bedrooms that have caught my eye.  (Do pop over to my Pinterest bedroom board for more gorgeous slumber-time solutions!)

I’ve included this bedroom close-up shot because I love the effect of the wood and how it adds so much texture and warmth to an otherwise white space.  Greenery is also most definitely required in a bedroom scheme for its health-boosting properties!

bedroom wooden accents



Or how about a splash of indigo?  Perfect for a touch of warmth when summer turns to autumn and it looks so clean and crisp against the white walls.  Dark blues also twin beautifully with warm metallics such as brass or gold and natural materials such as the bamboo light shade.

navy white bedroom



Can’t beat a set of crumpled linen bedsheets for that Pinterest-perfect look, can you?!  Love the simplicity of this, particularly as I am that person who becomes easily bored with the same old patterned bedlinen week after week… you can easily add texture, colour or pattern to this room with a throw or few scatter cushions, changing it up with the passing seasons/trends.

crumpled bedlinen



I love the look of this neutral bedroom but I’m not sure it would work in our house.  We are set on laying down carpet in our bedroom as I’ve never been a total fan of wooden floors in upstairs bedrooms – don’t get me wrong, they look amazing, but I personally prefer the soft feel of carpet underfoot throughout every season in this chilly country!!  Wooden floors can also be noisy from downstairs, whereas carpet dampens down any sounds and adds oodles of warmth and texture.  If you’re going for a wood floor in the bedroom, just ensure you have lots of rugs around to sink your bare toes into!

The warm wood floor here pairs well with the surrounding white canvas, however I feel it would all look a bit too flat teamed with a neutral carpet.

I do love the rustic wooden bench at the foot of the bed, though, and the hanging eucalyptus branch above has been beautifully crafted, adding just enough greenery to allow the eye to rest there for a moment.

clean white bedroom



We have a large built-in sliderobe/wardrobe on the wall opposite our bed and although I would love to replace the current sliding doors with perhaps some nice shaker style ones, this update will be down the line, so for now we’ll have to work around what we have.  They are black sliding doors with a mirrored door in the centre, so there’s always the possibility of going along with the monochrome theme in there.  The Scandinavians certainly know how to rock this look… the mixed up textures and rustic accents keep it cosy in this bedroom styled by Nikki over at My Scandinavian Home.

monochrome bedroom





I have pulled together a bedroom moodboard / ideas board to help me encapsulate my thoughts and keep a focus on the direction I want to go in.  This is a simple task that I would encourage you to spend an hour or so carrying out, no matter how large or small your decorating project.

I use Google Images and Pinterest to search for inspiring pictures which translate into the textures, finishes and colours that appeal to me, which I then play about with on a simple Mac Pages document.  You could use more sophisticated programs such as Photoshop or Sketch Up, but for a quick moodboard, this always works for me.

What do you think?

Dekko Bird bedroom moodboard scandi



So which items are battling for a place on my wish list?  Well, I really like this grey upholstered bed by made.com – I’m loving its clean lines and muted elegance, plus it has a definite hint of the Nordic about it.

roscoe bed

// Roscoe bed – made.com //

I also like the warmth and simplicity that this wood frame bed gives, too… I don’t think the picture does it justice, though. There was a gorgeous dark stained ash version, too, however it seems to have been discontinued.

penn bed

// Penn bed – made.com //


When it comes to dressing the bed, I just love the feel of clean linen sheets, perhaps layered up with textured throws and cushions.  La Redoute is my go-to spot for bed sheets, such as these beautiful pre-washed bedlinens, which come in an array of colours to suit all tastes.  I also love their quilted bedspreads and eiderdowns – especially this one and this one.

la redoute bedlinen

// Prewashed bedlinen – La Redoute //


I really like the idea of a dressing corner in the room and have found some fabulous space saving ideas online for this very thing.  On a tight budget, this neat little shelf with drawers from IKEA doubles up as a perfect corner dressing table, as does a small console such as this one from Cox & Cox, although it’s on the pricier side.

This is how the IKEA shelf looks when used as a dressing table… quite clever, eh?

Ikea dressing table



Lighting is also to be considered and updated in our bedroom.  I did install an IKEA RANARP wall light on my side of the bed a few months back when I was working on a sleeping project with IKEA and I’m still loving it, so it’ll remain in place.  For the opposite side of the bed, I think I’ll place a completely different bedside lamp, however elements of its design will need to complement the IKEA one, so I’m thinking a brushed gold or brass finish for that one. There are some gorgeous designs about at the moment, but that’s for a whole separate blog post!!

I am, however, drawn to the idea of an oversized bamboo light shade for our ceiling light.  On the budget side, IKEA is championing this nice little number, which you can see in the picture further up with the indigo bedspread.  Very slightly pricier, but this Broste Copenhagen one is beautiful, too.

Lastly (for now!), I would love to place a rustic wooden bench either at the foot of the bed or below the window.  It’s the perfect spot to style some books, cushions or a sheepskin rug to add interest to the room and as it’s normally nice and sunny in there, a reading spot by the window for Sunday morning papers would be heavenly.  (Ok, so, this is never going to actually happen, as it’s more likely to be a launchpad for the kids to propel themselves onto the bed, but I can dream, can’t I?!)

So, lots to consider! And before all that, I have to strip off old wallpaper, paint the walls and decide on carpet… I think the researching and shopping part is definitely more my cup of tea!

Will keep you posted on progress x

K xx

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PS. If you follow me on my social media channels, you’ll know that I was delighted to recently receive a nomination in the Amara IBA17 interior blog awards for Best Design Inspiration blog.  Well, voting is now open, so I would love you to consider my blog for your vote in this category.  You can vote by clicking the link below or on my blog’s side bar.  Thank you for your support x

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16 Comments on Some Bedroom Plans + A Moodboard

  1. Ooh I’m loving all the texture you’ve got in that moodboard. And the IKEA shelf as a dressing table is so clever – it would be a great space-friendly option for our narrow hall so it’s gone onto my wishlist as well!

  2. I love these ideas, our bedroom is untouched since we moved in too, and I can’t quite decide what direction I want to go with it. We also have large sliding door wardrobe at the foot of the bed, both doors are big mirrors. They aren’t awful but I would love to modernise it. Like you though, until budget allows they will be staying. I love the idea of monochrome with a pop of pale pink though in your photos though. xx #homeetc
    Caroline Robinson recently posted…Peek inside our home {Navy Entrance Hall}My Profile

  3. Loving all your ideas, my bedroom really needs a bit of a makeover so you have given me some inspiration.
    I do love that Ikea shelf with drawers, such a great idea especially when not having a lot of space

    • I love the dressing table shelf, too – i am still sitting on the floor to dry my hair and do make up and I think at 40 I should really move onto a dressing table!!

  4. Oh Keira, gorgeous choices! Best of luck getting going with it. You’ve got me motivatedto do something with our room now. I loved it when we first moved in but it definitely needs sprucing up, seven years on.

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