Month: September 2017

An Autumn Colour Challenge

Wayfair Feat image

I’m one of those people who impatiently await the arrival of autumn.  The first fire of the season, leaves turning brilliant shades of red, orange and yellow, woolly socks and jumpers down to your knees – I love it all!  On the home front, I also love taking the time to embrace autumn in all its cosy glory by bringing out the sheepskin throws, woven blankets and scented jar candles, filling up the log basket and adding seasonal foraged pieces such as pinecones and dried seed heads into large bowls or vases.

I was therefore delighted to be recently chosen to take part in an autumn home project as part of my involvement in the Home Experts Community at  They asked myself and nine other bloggers to take on an Autumn Colour Challenge, whereby we update an area of our home with some seasonal autumn colour to make it wonderfully inviting for the cooler months ahead.

Here’s how I got on…



Take 5… ways to style Le Sac en Papier

Paper Bag styling feature

You’ve not been on the planet lately if you haven’t noticed ‘The Paper Bag’ or ‘Le Sac en Papier‘ popping up in all the coolest interiors shots.  This simple storage bag made from recycled craft paper has become a somewhat iconic product in its own right, with its ecologically friendly properties and stylish practicability.  It can be used as a wastepaper bin, storage bag or plant holder, its only real limitation being your imagination!

Having decided this was definitely something I needed in my life (I mean, who doesn’t need a designer brown paper bag?!), I picked one up whilst on holiday in France this year, though they are widely available in the UK, too.  I’ve been experimenting with its different uses, however a quick nose on the Internet has opened up this little fellow’s true style capabilities and I thought why not share these ideas with you lovely people.

So, to give you a mini project for the weekend ahead (because you will go off and buy one now, won’t you?!), here are five ways to style your ‘Le sac en papier’ once you get your hands on it…