Month: September 2016

My Dekko Loves { September }

dekko bird home office desk

As September draws to a close, I’m once again looking back at my Dekko Loves for the month past.  I am a total September girl, I just love the feeling of renewal and change at this time of year – probably moreso than in January, which may be surprising to some.  For us, it’s been a month of settling into new routines at school, especially for my youngest, who started primary school proper this year.  I feel so happy for her and proud of how she’s growing up into the fine little lady that she is!

So it goes without saying that with all three children off to school, September has also been a time for me to get on more freely with some more home decor tasks, so I’ve plenty to show you in the coming weeks!

For now, though, here is a glimpse of my #dekkoloves for the month…



Student Dorm Decor: Get the Look for Less

washi tape student dorm

When I packed my bags and went off to uni all those years ago, I arrived into an empty shell of a student dorm room where the most personalising I did to the space was to make my bed up with my duvet cover from home and throw a few books and framed photos onto the shelves – and it pretty much stayed that way for the entire four years!

Roll on (ahem!) twenty years and I’m pleased to see that things have definitely moved on.  Students renting rooms have a plethora of choice when it comes to shopping to customize that little square of space to call their own, from the mainstream movers such as Ikea with their low priced lighting and furnishing designs to the more individual and quirky styles found at the likes of Urban Outfitters and H&M.  When it comes to dorm room decor, there really is no excuse to have to splurge out more cash than you have to – lighting, storage and bedding in particular can be picked up at very reasonable prices and in pretty cool designs; you just have to be a little creative in your shopping sometimes!

So, whether you’re a fresher student heading off to your first term at college, a newbie graduate renting for the first time or even a parent who’s looking for cool pieces for their teenager’s bedroom, I’ve been taking a look at how you can get the look for less…



A Unique Wooden Watch for Autumn Style

JORD women's watch autumn fall

I talked in my last post about how I love this time of year for the cosy touches we can bring into our home to prepare for relaxed evenings by the fire, snuggling down into soft cushions and enjoying taking life that little bit more slowly.  It is also, of course, a time to reintroduce cosy textures into our wardrobes, as we pack away our flimsy summer threads and begin to cocoon ourselves once more in wonderfully warm layers of big woollen scarves, oversized jumpers and long socks.

Love, love, love this time of year!

In fact, I had been clearing out my own wardrobe recently to begin the gradual transition to Autumnal climes, when I was offered the chance to try out a new style of unique watch from US brand JORD.  They produce both women’s and men’s wooden watches in a range of styles and finishes and upon checking out their website, I immediately felt they would be the ideal wrist accessory for the season ahead!  Even better, JORD include free international shipping with every watch purchase and I was delighted to receive my Fieldcrest women’s watch within 10 days of my order.



Autumn Pieces for the Home with TK Maxx

It never ceases to amaze me how quickly Autumn lands upon us once the kids are back to school at the beginning of September.  First I notice a slightly fresher chill in the air on our morning walks to school, then I go for a run in the park with a friend and we marvel at how the leaves are turning golden.  The garden especially is showing lots of Autumnal signs, as the Japanese acers start to turn a beautiful fiery red.  I can’t wait to see how the garden looks in another month or so.

However, back indoors we go, as the purpose of this post is to look at pieces we can buy for the home to welcome in the new season and finally let go of Summer for another year.  I personally love the Autumn for all the rich colours and textures we can bring into our decor to make our homes feel welcoming and cosy, and when the kind folks at TK Maxx sent me a gift card to spend in their store, needless to say I was delighted!  They have recently brought in their new range of Autumn homewares and I couldn’t wait to get over to my local store to take a look around.

Here are some pieces I found that will help you bring your home from Summer into Autumn, all for less than a fiver each!