Month: July 2015

Home Tour Series {July}: A Cool Calm Space in Oslo

Welcome to my “Home Tour” series where I want to share with you homes that really inspire me and hopefully inspire you, too!  There are so many talented people out there who have created the most amazing living spaces to suit their needs and in doing so, have come up with some really clever ideas that we can adapt to use in our own homes.  And who doesn’t love a nosey into someone else’s house?!



Summer Sales Edit: How to find the best bargains

It’s the perfect time of year to get out there and peruse the summer homeware sales whilst there are still bargains aplenty to be had.  I have tried to take the weary slog out of sales shopping for you with a wee round up of some of the better bargains still there for the taking.  However, should you decide to take yourself off to snap up some cut price must-haves for the home, remember a few key points to make your sales shopping a success…

1) Don’t fall into the trap of buying something solely because it’s a real bargain.  Do consider how much you really love an item for what it is and how it will work in your home, whether it will sit well within your general home decor style and, for slightly pricier items, is it a timeless design that will still please you in years to come?  There’s no sense in buying that brightly patterned turquoise set of designer cushions at this late-ish stage in the summer only for them to be packed away again during the colder months in favour of your darker, autumnal homewares, and not brought out next Spring because you decide you really do prefer lemon yellow after all…



Stealing a little French home style

We’re just back from a pretty amazing holiday in the South of France and as promised in my last post, I wanted to share some of my French decor loves with you and show you how you can steal some gorgeous style ideas for your own home.  For those of you who have been following my Instagram feed lately, I have posted a few little snippets of things I just loved for their laid-back simplicity and rustic beauty, both key aspects of the French ‘look’.


I just love the glassware in France.  Possibly most well known of all French glassware brands is the original Duralex ‘Picardie’ – tough glass tumblers that are widely available on the high street (try here).  Popular because of their sturdy, yet elegant design, they are also very inexpensive and are perfect for relaxed everyday dining.


Image source: One Quality, The Finest (more…)