Month: April 2015

Home Trends to Dip Into: Summer 2015

We might have been bombarded with four seasons in one day here lately (it’s seriously freezing out there), but this has simply made me more determined to bring a touch of summer sunshine into the home!  The high street homeware departments are now full of uplifting and zingy ideas to help you haul your home out of the dark, woolly depths of winter and into the summer sunshine.  However, do not fear!  A complete design overhaul of your interior will not be required; just a few thoughtful touches such as a new rug, colourful cushions, some pretty cups or glassware will reinvigorate your love for your home.

So, what are the key trends for Summer 2015 and how can we mould them into our existing décor?  (more…)


Coffee Table Books

Upon visiting my local library recently, I discovered an enticing range of gorgeous new hardback books which had been placed on display as new titles available to borrow.  Their beautifully styled cover graphics, smooth matte feel and on-trend subject matters set them apart as definitive ‘coffee table books’ and of course I was soon marching out of the library with an armful piled high for my solitary perusal later that evening accompanied by a chilled glass of something nice.

Wikipedia defines a coffee table book as:  “an oversized, usually hard-covered book whose place is for display on a table intended for use in an area in which one would entertain guests and from which it can act to inspire conversation”

Couldn’t disagree with that.  Coffee table books should also reflect the home owner’s personality and interests – after all they are there to inspire and stimulate conversation and there needs to be a good solid interest in the subject to begin with, no?  In this age of online pin boards and instant snaps, it’s a refreshing treat to curl up with a good heavy book and pore over the beautifully photographed images, read the stories behind them and be inspired by what you see in your own time and with no other distractions. (more…)


Easy Home Updates

Ten years ago (and before the arrival of children), we bought a decent sized three bed semi into which the two of us and our joint belongings fitted just nicely. Jump forward to today and three children later and it has become a much ‘cosier’ fit, in fact you could say we’re overspilling!

Not entirely surprising then that we recently took the big decision to put our beloved home on the market with a view to moving our little family somewhere more spacious and better suited to our growing needs.  So, as well as being engulfed in the process of constantly tidying and prepping the house for prospective buyers, I’ve been busy viewing potential properties to buy.  Well… it’s certainly been an eye opener for me as to how many perfectly good houses out there are in dire need of a little time and love to bring them bang up to date.  A lick of paint here and a declutter there would not go amiss yet many people simply do not realise that giving your home a simple refresh will not only in all probability increase their home’s overall market value, but more importantly, will make it a much better place to live.

Anyway… looking at houses and preparing my own home for sale has made me think a lot about how we can easily and effectively update our own homes within a budget.  Making those little changes that renew our love for a space we spend so much of our lives in. (more…)


Hello & Welcome!

Hi my name’s Keira and welcome to my blog Dekko Bird.  Firstly, a tiny bit about me.  I’m in my thirties, married with three little ones – Miss H, Mr J and Miss A – who I look after at home in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

I have always felt strongly about the importance of ‘making your house a home’ and part of my job of being a stay-at-home-mum is to make our wee nest a comforting, safe and welcoming place to be, all the while playing about with the interior to keep things fresh, fun and reflective of our family’s personality!  So it comes as no surprise then that (after much deliberation with myself) I have decided to start this blog primarily focused around my love of interior design and decoration, a place where I will share my collective thoughts and discoveries with other like minded people, but with a few snippets of home making, crafts, arts and daily life thrown in. I have a vague idea of the direction I would like this to go in but it’s only by actually putting pen to paper fingers to keyboard that I can begin this little adventure in earnest…

I will be updating and adding to my Instagram and Facebook pages on a regular basis, but please also check out my Pinterest page for some home inspiration too.

I do hope you’ll join me to watch my journey unfold as I have a lot to share! K x